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The U.S. Government requires UV lamps above cooling coils to control microbial growth in government buildings. Now the average homeowner can apply the same safety measures in their own living spaces. Considering the well-reported dangers of mold and bacteria in the home, it just makes sense to attack these problems at the source. You can, with a UV Germicidal Lamp. UV has been proven under numerous studies for its ability to destroy the DNA of germs: viruses, mold, spores, fungi, and bacteria. It works at different levels depending on what one wants to accomplish. In residential applications, the objective is to create a cost effective and continuous method of cleansing the air. The kill rate of air pollutants is a function of space, time and the intensity of UV. Because UV has been proven to work on a cumulative manner, the bad air is cleansed over time and subsequent passages over the lamp. One washes his/her hands more than once a day to periodically rid oneself of germs. Germs are constantly invading our homes via people sneezing, coughing, pets scratching and other routes. The UV technology now gives us the opportunity to clean the air within our homes continuously in a very cost effective manner.The American-Lights® system is installed at either the cold air return or supply side of your heating and air conditioning system. The lamp emits UV light that greatly reduces or eliminates germs circulated by the HVAC system. The American-Lights® lamp emits UV rays at the optimum level for germ kill effectiveness. It is the strongest rated bulb on the market.American-Lights® is extremely effective against virtually any airborne microbe including rhinoviruses (colds), influenza, bacteria, molds and mold spores.

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